Container Trolley

Container trollies are designed for use in warehouses or stock rooms.
We have a number of trolleys designed for moving timber and tyres as well as balance trollies, table trollies and pallet trucks in the Specialist Trolley section.

Should you require a very specialist / custom item, please take a look at our Bespoke Products page – we have undertaken many bespoke projects over the years!

Please note that all sizes are displayed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise indicated.

ImageSKUNameCastorsOverall L x W x HBasket L x W x HCarrying CapacityPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_castorshf:att:pa_overall-l-x-w-x-hhf:att:pa_basket-l-x-w-x-hhf:att:pa_carrying-capacity
OPB102Order Picker With Basket£504.00 ex VATShow details125mm-rubber-tyre-all-swivel1100-x-510-x-1025950-x-460-x-410200kg
OPC015Container Trolley£760.00 ex VATShow details100mm-nylon-all-swivel1000-x-620-x-1020200kg
OPC102Order Picker With Containers£458.00 ex VATShow details125mm-rubber-tyre-all-swivel1220-x-430-x-1000mm550-x-220-x-200100kg
OPC103Order Picker With Containers£459.00 ex VATShow details125mm-rubber-tyre-all-swivel1155-x-420-x-1250mm100kg
PRT003Post Room Trolley£677.00 ex VATShow details125mm-rubber-tyre-all-swivel1020-x-525-x-1040600-x-400-x-300-x2-400-x-250-x-110-x1200kg

Looking For A Bespoke Product

Hyprosteps design team have great expertise in developing new ideas, we work with our customers to offer a solution to whatever handling or access problems they are encountering.