Cylinder Handling

Our cylinder handling range is a combination of portable cylinder trolleys and cylinder racks. So whether you’re looking for a way to move cylinders around the workplace or store cylinders in safe wall mounted or free standing racks we have you covered.

Lockable cylinder cages can be made on request, please call for details and specifications.

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ImageSKUNameOverall H x W x DPa max cylinder diamNo of CylindersPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_overall-h-x-w-x-dhf:att:pa_no-of-cylinders
CYH100Single Cylinder Trolley£238.00 ex VATShow details1040-x-460-x-3201
CYH101Single Cylinder Trolley LPG£258.00 ex VATShow details1040-x-610-x-3201
CYH103Single Cylinder Trolley£461.00 ex VATShow details1410-x-600-x-2201
CYH201Welders Cylinder Trolley£402.00 ex VATShow details1040-x-800-x-2202
CYH203Welders Cylinder Trolley£434.00 ex VATShow details1040-x-610-x-3202
CYRD04Double Sided Cylinder Rack£307.00 ex VATShow details921-x-710-x-6004
CYRD06Double Sided Cylinder Rack£411.00 ex VATShow details921-x-1010-x-6006
CYRD08Double Sided Cylinder Rack£495.00 ex VATShow details921-x-1300-x-6008
CYRD12Double Sided Cylinder Rack£653.00 ex VATShow details921-x-1900-x-60012
CYRS02Single Sided Cylinder Rack£258.00 ex VATShow details921-x-710-x-3002
CYRS03Single Sided Cylinder Rack£295.00 ex VATShow details921-x-1010-x-3003
CYRS04Single Sided Cylinder Rack£519.00 ex VATShow details921-x-1300-x-3004
CYRS06Single Sided Cylinder Rack£569.00 ex VATShow details921-x-1900-x-3006
CYRW02Single Sided Cylinder Rack£153.00 ex VATShow details710-x-140-x2
CYRW03Single Sided Cylinder Rack£192.00 ex VATShow details1010-x-140-x3
CYS400Double Sided Cylinder Rack£355.00 ex VATShow details910-x-625-x-5104
CYS600Double Sided Cylinder Rack£464.00 ex VATShow details910-x-910-x-5106

Looking For A Bespoke Product

Hyprosteps design team have great expertise in developing new ideas, we work with our customers to offer a solution to whatever handling or access problems they are encountering.

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