Drum Handling

Handling heavy drums requires the right equipment to ensure you can lift, move and transport a variety of sizes and weights easily, safely and efficiently. At Hyprosteps we offer a wide range of mobile trolley and drum stands for heavy-duty applications.

To ensure ease of use our trolleys come with twin wheel or supporting castors, or stands for stability, and options for solid or pneumatic tyres to suit your environment. Most of our options come with retaining hooks to secure the drum and suit up to a 205ltr drum size.

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ImageSKUNameWheelsOverall L x W x HCarrying CapacityPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_wheelshf:att:pa_overall-l-x-w-x-hhf:att:pa_carrying-capacity
DSF100Drum Stand - Static£266.00 ex VATShow details760-x-510-x-510250kg
DSM200Drum Stand - Mobile£408.00 ex VATShow details100mm-nylon900-x-600-x-650250kg
DTC350SCDrum Trolley£420.00 ex VATShow details355mm-rubber-tyre480-x-730-x-1535300kg
DTC350SP4Drum Trolley£435.00 ex VATShow details410mm-pneumatic-tyre480-x-730-x-1535300kg
DTL100SCDrum Trolley£404.00 ex VATShow details355mm-rubber-tyre540-x-730-x-1580300kg
DTL100SP4Drum Trolley£422.00 ex VATShow details410mm-pneumatic-tyre540-x-730-x-1580300kg
DTL350SCDrum Trolley£407.00 ex VATShow details355mm-rubber-tyre480-x-730-x-1535300kg
DTL350SP4Drum Trolley£426.00 ex VATShow details410mm-pneumatic-tyre480-x-730-x-1535300kg

Looking For A Bespoke Product

Hyprosteps design team have great expertise in developing new ideas, we work with our customers to offer a solution to whatever handling or access problems they are encountering.

Aircraft steps - to access a spitfire cockpit