Cylinder Trolley

We supply a range of cylinder trolleys including Single Cylinder Trolley, Welders Cylinder Trolley and Double Sided Cylinder Rack.

We have a number of trolleys designed for moving goods such as gas cylinders around warehouses and retail spaces as well as balance trollies, table trolleys and pallet trucks.

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Please note that all sizes are displayed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise indicated.

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ImageSKUNameCastorsWheelsOverall H x W x DPa max cylinder diamNo of CylindersPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_wheelshf:att:pa_overall-h-x-w-x-dhf:att:pa_no-of-cylinders
CYH100Single Cylinder Trolley£238.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1040-x-460-x-3201
CYH101Single Cylinder Trolley LPG£258.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1040-x-610-x-3201
CYH103Single Cylinder Trolley£461.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1410-x-600-x-2201
CYH201Welders Cylinder Trolley£402.00 ex VATShow details355mm-rubber-tyre1040-x-800-x-2202
CYH203Welders Cylinder Trolley£434.00 ex VATShow details250mm-rubber-tyre1040-x-610-x-3202

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