Sack Truck

Sack trucks are an essential piece of equipment in any warehousing, industrial, commercial or retail environment where large or heavy goods need to be transported easily and safely.

At Hyprosteps we offer a wide range of heavy- or light-duty sack trucks for numerous applications – from open toe and solid plate shoe options and folding trucks for easier storage, to specialised sack trucks for carrying chairs or climbing stairs, we’ve got the right option for your needs.

Our specialised use range is ideal for use to move janitorial and cleaning supplies during a cleaning round, and we also offer a choice of solid or pneumatic tyres to suit the environment where the truck will be most used.

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ImageSKUNameWheelsOverall H x WShoe TypeShoe L x WCarrying CapacityPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_wheelshf:att:pa_overall-h-x-whf:att:pa_shoe-typehf:att:pa_shoe-l-x-whf:att:pa_carrying-capacity
KEG001Keg Mover£246.00 ex VATShow details260mm-pneumatic-tyre1120-x-5009-11-gallon-kegs
SAF100Folding Shoe Sack Truck£173.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1065-x-480folding410-x-320100kg
SAF200Folding Shoe Sack Truck£254.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1220-x-480folding380-x-285200kg
SAH200Open Shoe Sack Truck£401.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1220-x-510open305-x-365255kg
SAH220Open Shoe Sack Truck£431.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1220-x-510open365-x-460255kg
SAL100Open Shoe Sack Truck£217.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1065-x-510open160-x-370120kg
SAM200Open Shoe Sack Truck£267.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1220-x-510open240-x-365200kg
SAM250Open Shoe Sack Truck£288.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1220-x-510open240-x-365200kg
SAP100Plate Shoe Sack Truck£183.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1100-x-470plate200-x-365200kg
SAP210Plate Shoe Sack Truck£278.00 ex VATShow details260mm-pneumatic-tyre1220-x-560plate200-x-365200kg
SAP300Chair Carrying Sack Truck£228.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1100-x-565tray198-x-565200kg
SAS200Stairclimber£327.00 ex VATShow details150mm-tri-wheel-rubber-tyre1220-x-550folding470-x-310150kg
SAT210Three Way Truck£465.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1330-x-480plate160-x-485200kg
SKT001Spillage Kit£389.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-tyre1200-x-600basket

Looking For A Bespoke Product

Hyprosteps design team have great expertise in developing new ideas, we work with our customers to offer a solution to whatever handling or access problems they are encountering.

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