Castors (Spares)

Spare castors for trolleys and trucks used on building sites, warehouses and retail. Keep your trolleys and trucks rolling with our range of spare castors.

Spares and accessories for our products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us for assistance.

Please note that all sizes are displayed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise indicated.

ImageSKUNameCastorsPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_castors
C100.BHS.NY.PBReplacement Castor£14.00 ex VATShow details100mm-bolt-hole-swivel
C100.PF.PY.PBReplacement Castor£16.00 ex VATShow details100mm-plate-fixed
C100.PS.RS.RBReplacement Castor£12.00 ex VATShow details100mm-plate-swivel
C125.BHS.NM.RBReplacement Castor£14.00 ex VATShow details125mm-bolt-hole-swivel
C125.BHS.RS.RBReplacement Castor£16.00 ex VATShow details125mm-bolt-hole-swivel
C125.BRAKEDTrolley Options£30.00 ex VATShow details125mm-rubber-swivel-with-brake
C125.PF.NY.RBReplacement Castor£14.00 ex VATShow details125mm-plate-fixed
C125.PS.NY.RBReplacement Castor£20.00 ex VATShow details125mm-plate-swivel
C125.PS.RS.RBReplacement Castor£13.00 ex VATShow details125mm-plate-swivel
C200.BRAKEDPlatform Trolley Options£35.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-swivel-with-brake
C200.PF.RS.RBReplacement Castor£16.00 ex VATShow details200mm-plate-fixed
C200.PS.RS.RBReplacement Castor£19.00 ex VATShow details200mm-plate-swivel
C200.PS.RS.RBKReplacement Castor£33.00 ex VATShow details200mm-plate-swivel-with-brake
C200.SWIVELPlatform Trolley Options£8.00 ex VATShow details200mm-rubber-swivel
C50-2.PS.NY.BBReplacement Castor£25.00 ex VATShow details50mm-twin-nylon
C50.BHS.SPLReplacement Castor£21.00 ex VATShow details50mm-bolt-hole-swivel-spring-loaded
C75.BHS.SPLReplacement Castor£23.00 ex VATShow details75mm-bolt-hole-swivel-spring-loaded

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