Wheels (Spares)

Spare wheels – to help you keep your trailers, trolleys and safety steps in perfect working order.

Please note that all sizes are displayed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise indicated.

All wheels are supplied with a washer and starlock cap

ImageSKUNameWheelsTyrePrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_wheelshf:att:pa_tyre
WH160.RP.PBReplacement Wheel£15.00 ex VATShow details160mm-diametersolid-rubber
WH200.RC.BBReplacement Wheel£34.00 ex VATShow details200mm-diameterelastic-rubber
WH200.RP.PBReplacement Wheel£12.00 ex VATShow details200mm-diametersolid-rubber
WH200.RS.RBReplacement Wheel£18.00 ex VATShow details200mm-diametersolid-rubber
WH250.RN.RBReplacement Wheel£46.00 ex VATShow details250mm-diametersolid-rubber
WH260.PN.RBReplacement Wheel£16.00 ex VATShow details260mm-diameterpneumatic
WH300.RC.BBReplacement Wheel£68.00 ex VATShow details300mm-diameterelastic-rubber
WH355.RS.RBReplacement Wheel£32.00 ex VATShow details355mm-diametersolid-rubber
WH410.PS.RBReplacement Wheel£33.00 ex VATShow details410mm-diameterpneumatic

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