Standard Duty 2 - 16 Safety Steps

Standard duty mobile safety steps

Our standard duty steps are designed for a wide range of uses in shops, warehouses, archive stores and similar locations. They are a fully welded construction that requires no assembly and are ready to use on arrival.

We manufacture most of our online range of safety steps and trolleys at our factory using manufacturing procedures that conform to available EU standards and carrying capacities to the guidelines in the Manual Handling Directive.

Please note that all sizes are displayed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise indicated.

ImageSKUNameNo of TreadsPlatform HeightTread TypeCastorsWheelsCarrying CapacityPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_no-of-treadshf:att:pa_platform-heighthf:att:pa_tread-type
CA02ASStandard Duty Steps£318.00 ex VATShow details2508anti-slip
CA02PMStandard Duty Steps£318.00 ex VATShow details2508punched-metal
CA03ASStandard Duty Steps£382.00 ex VATShow details3762anti-slip
CA03PMStandard Duty Steps£382.00 ex VATShow details3762punched-metal
CA04ASStandard Duty Steps£448.00 ex VATShow details41015anti-slip
CA04PMStandard Duty Steps£448.00 ex VATShow details41015punched-metal
CA05ASStandard Duty Steps£511.00 ex VATShow details51270anti-slip
CA05PMStandard Duty Steps£511.00 ex VATShow details51270punched-metal
CA06ASStandard Duty Steps£576.00 ex VATShow details61524anti-slip
CA06PMStandard Duty Steps£576.00 ex VATShow details61524punched-metal
CA07ASStandard Duty Steps£735.00 ex VATShow details71778anti-slip
CA07PMStandard Duty Steps£735.00 ex VATShow details71778punched-metal
CA08ASStandard Duty Steps£815.00 ex VATShow details82030anti-slip
CA08PMStandard Duty Steps£815.00 ex VATShow details82030punched-metal
CA09ASStandard Duty Steps£893.00 ex VATShow details92286anti-slip
CA09PMStandard Duty Steps£893.00 ex VATShow details92286punched-metal
CA10ASStandard Duty Steps£973.00 ex VATShow details102540anti-slip
CA10PMStandard Duty Steps£973.00 ex VATShow details102540punched-metal
CA11ASStandard Duty Steps£1,053.00 ex VATShow details112794anti-slip
CA11PMStandard Duty Steps£1,053.00 ex VATShow details112794punched-metal
CA12ASStandard Duty Steps£1,219.00 ex VATShow details123048anti-slip
CA12PMStandard Duty Steps£1,219.00 ex VATShow details123048punched-metal
CA13ASStandard Duty Steps£1,307.00 ex VATShow details133302anti-slip
CA13PMStandard Duty Steps£1,307.00 ex VATShow details133302punched-metal
CA14ASStandard Duty Steps£1,398.00 ex VATShow details143555anti-slip
CA14PMStandard Duty Steps£1,398.00 ex VATShow details143555punched-metal
CA15ASStandard Duty Steps£1,488.00 ex VATShow details153810anti-slip
CA15PMStandard Duty Steps£1,488.00 ex VATShow details153810punched-metal
CA16ASStandard Duty Steps£1,577.00 ex VATShow details164060anti-slip
CA16PMStandard Duty Steps£1,577.00 ex VATShow details164060punched-metal

Looking For A Bespoke Product

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