Board Trolley

Board trolleys or timber trolleys are widely used in the building trade for moving large sheets of material around site. Our range consists of varying styles and sizes of trolleys to cope with different types of site.

We have large board trolleys, small board trolleys, upright trolleys and even a double sided trolley that can be used as a glass stillage.

Hardwearing and heavy-duty, they are ideal for transporting plywood, plasterboard, doors, windows, and much more.

As manufacturers, we are happy to discuss any bespoke requirements too, so please contact us to find out how we can help.

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ImageSKUNameBoard SizeBoard Load DepthOverall L x W x HCastorsCarrying CapacityPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_board-sizehf:att:pa_board-load-depthhf:att:pa_overall-l-x-w-x-hhf:att:pa_castorshf:att:pa_carrying-capacity
DBT101Small Board Trolley£300.00 ex VATShow details2440-x-1220140860-x-520-x-972125mm-rubber-tyre-all-swivel150kg
DBT102Small Board Trolley£365.00 ex VATShow details2440-x-1220140860-x-520-x-972125mm-rubber-tyre-all-swivel150kg
DBT105Nesting Board Trolley£378.00 ex VATShow details
DBT200Upright Board Trolley£381.00 ex VATShow details2440-x-12202001790-x-660-x-1510300kg
DBT302Large Board Trolley£462.00 ex VATShow details2550-x-12503001100-x-600-x-1150200mm-rubber-tyre-2-fixed-2-swivel500kg
DBT304Large Board Trolley£489.00 ex VATShow details2550-x-12503501500-x-700-x-1410200mm-rubber-tyre-2-fixed-2-swivel500kg
DBT305Large Board Trolley£708.00 ex VATShow details2550-x-25504302250-x-700-x-1500200mm-rubber-tyre-2-fixed-2-swivel500kg
DBT401Large Board Trolley£655.00 ex VATShow details2440-x-12203381610-x-700-x-1238200mm-rubber-tyre-2-fixed-4-swivel500kg
DBT901Large Double Sided Board Trolley£695.00 ex VATShow details2550-x-1250350mm-each-side1650-x-1200-x-1550200mm-rubber-tyre-2-fixed-2-swivel500kg

Looking For A Bespoke Product

Hyprosteps design team have great expertise in developing new ideas, we work with our customers to offer a solution to whatever handling or access problems they are encountering.

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