Specialist Trolley

Some specialist trolleys with specific uses can be hard to source, our range includes tyre trolleys, balance trolleys and timber trolleys.

We are one of the few manufacturers that build these trolleys and because we manufacture our own products we have the ability to create products for special jobs. If it’s not in our current range we may still be able to help so please do contact us to talk through your requirements.

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ImageSKUNameOverall L x W x HCarrying CapacityPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_overall-l-x-w-x-hhf:att:pa_carrying-capacity
PLB110SCBalance Trolley£855.00 ex VATShow details1525-x-610-x-985500kg
PLB110SP4Balance Trolley£874.00 ex VATShow details1525-x-610-x-1017500kg
PLB210SCBalance Trolley£862.00 ex VATShow details1830-x-760-x-985500kg
PLB210SP4Balance Trolley£879.00 ex VATShow details1830-x-760-x-1017500kg
PLB310SCBalance Trolley£932.00 ex VATShow details2220-x-1000-x-985500kg
PLB310SP4Balance Trolley£949.00 ex VATShow details2220-x-1000-x-1017500kg
PT1000Pallet Truck£591.00 ex VATShow details
PT1150Pallet Truck£622.00 ex VATShow details
PT1220Pallet Truck£651.00 ex VATShow details
TMB140SCTimber Trolley£1,331.00 ex VATShow details3360-x-1000-x-13001000kg
TMB140SP4Timber Trolley£1,363.00 ex VATShow details3360-x-1000-x-13001000kg
TYH001Tyre Trolley£364.00 ex VATShow details885-x-510-x-167510-15-tyres
TYL001Tyre Trolley£811.00 ex VATShow details3924-x-620-x-130050-tyres

Looking For A Bespoke Product

Hyprosteps design team have great expertise in developing new ideas, we work with our customers to offer a solution to whatever handling or access problems they are encountering.

Aircraft steps - to access a spitfire cockpit