Wood Sided Flatbed Turntable

This lightweight Wood Sided Flatbed Turntable is ideal for moving loads in confined spaces or down narrow aisles. The steering mechanism is a king pin and friction plate. The frame is of tubular steel with a 12mm plywood bed and 200mm drop in wooden sides to enclose loose loads. There are two wheel types available in this range.

We have a number of trolleys designed for moving loads around sites, factories and warehouses in our trolley range.

Please note that all sizes are displayed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise indicated.

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ImageSKUNamePlatform L x WWheelsEndssidesOverall L x W x HCarrying CapacityPrice ex VATDetailshf:att:pa_platform-l-x-whf:att:pa_wheelshf:att:pa_overall-l-x-w-x-h
TSL005NPTurntable-Flatbed-Light-Wood sides£635.00 ex VATShow details900-x-500260mm-pneumatic-tyre958-x-500-x-598
TSL005NRTurntable-Flatbed-Light-Wood sides£618.00 ex VATShow details900-x-500200mm-rubber-tyre958-x-500-x-528
TSL105NPTurntable-Flatbed-Light-Wood sides£666.00 ex VATShow details1200-x-600260mm-pneumatic-tyre1258-x-600-x-598
TSL105NRTurntable-Flatbed-Light-Wood sides£648.00 ex VATShow details1200-x-600200mm-rubber-tyre1258-x-600-x-528
TSL205NPTurntable-Flatbed-Light-Wood sides£795.00 ex VATShow details1500-x-700260mm-pneumatic-tyre1558-x-700-x-598
TSL205NRTurntable-Flatbed-Light-Wood sides£775.00 ex VATShow details1500-x-700200mm-rubber-tyre1558-x-700-x-528

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