Counterbalance Steps

Safe, Efficient Access for Hard-to-Reach Areas

SafeHyprosteps is renowned for custom-manufacturing a sturdy, lightweight, manoeuvrable range of safety steps, trolleys and other manual handling equipment to suit all our customers’ needs.

To help customers who often need to access spaces above or behind fixed objects, Hyprosteps has a range of counter-balance steps featuring an extended platform that allows users to climb up and over obstacles without the need for a ladder, providing a safer and more efficient way to work.

Why use Counterbalanced Safety Steps?

There are many benefits to using counter-balance mobile step units, including:

  • Safety: Counterbalance step units are designed to be safe and stable. The counterbalanced platform helps to prevent the unit from tipping over, while the guardrails help to prevent users from falling.
  • Efficiency: Counterbalance step units can help users to access hard-to-reach areas quickly and easily, without the need for a ladder. This can save time and improve productivity.
  • Versatility: Counterbalance step units can be used for a variety of tasks, such as picking and packing, cleaning, and maintenance. They are also a safe and effective way to access areas that are difficult or dangerous to reach with a ladder. 

Hyprosteps Counterbalanced units feature:

  • Fixed-in counterbalance weights at the foot of the safety steps providing optimum stability 
  • Robust guardrails
  • Fixed castors at the rear and swivel-braked castors at the front for stability and mobility.
  • Grate tread which provides superior grip on the stairs even in wet weather or conditions.
  • Top-quality manufacturing – all our units feature welded joints rather than bolted joints, giving our platforms superior rigidity and strength, and protection against fatigue and rust.
  • When choosing a counterbalance mobile step unit it is important to consider the following factors:
  • The height of the unit: The unit should be tall enough to reach the area that you need to access.
  • The weight capacity of the unit: The unit should be able to accommodate the weight of the user and any tools or materials that they will be carrying. Hyprosteps units can accommodate up to 130kg.
  • The type of surface that the unit will be used on: The unit should have a stable base that will not tip over on uneven surfaces.

Find out more about our range of counter-balance step units as well as our wide range of trolleys, trucks, safety steps and more. 

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Counterbalance steps
Counterbalance steps
Counterbalance steps

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