Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to think of the most popular questions asked by our customers. If you have a question that does not feature here e-mail it to us and if it is good enough we will first answer and then add it to the list.

For more specific questions relating to our trade customers, please visit our Trade Customers page.

Is carriage included?

Carriage is included in most prices. There are exceptions and the Shipping & Returns page has details.

What is the lead time?
Please see the Shipping & Returns page for details.
Can I have it in a different colour?
Yes you can. We hold some colours in stock at no extra charge. If you require something else we can do that, but there may be a surcharge.
Can you modify a product?
I can buy it a bit cheaper elsewhere
You might be able to, but it’s probably an import. We manufacture a quality product that will last a long time. As the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for’.
Do spares come with fittings?
Yes they do.
What castor arrangement is better, 2 fixed & 2 swivel or 4 swivel?
2 fixed & 2 swivel gives more control. 4 swivel will give a tighter turning circle.
Which would be better, solid rubber or pneumatic tyres on my turntable?
Pneumatic tyres give a smoother ride over rough ground, but can get punctured.

Solid rubber tyres are more robust, but have no ‘give’ over rough ground.

Can you supply replacement parts for turntables?

Yes we can. See the Spares and Additions page for details.

Pneumatic tyres give a smoother ride over rough ground, but can get punctured.

How do I use the brake on turntable?
Lift the handle all the way up and the brakes are on.
Can you supply inner tubes for my tyres?
Unfortunately – no.
Which is the better brake on the heavy duty steps a handlock or a footlock?
Neither. We have been supplying steps with the footlock for many years with no complaints. The handlock is the most common style of brake on most other steps.