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Turntable Truck

product description

Our heavy duty flatbed trolleys with 260mm pneumatic tyres are used for moving heavy loads around site both inside and outside. They are built from high quality mild steel and they feature a kingpin and friction plate steering mechanism to provide smooth turning capabilities and have an 18mm plywood bed to support almost any type of load. Carrying capacity 500kg. In addition to the standard wheels we can offer puncture proof tyres, please call for details.

Flatbed Trolley

Price: £431.00 ex. VAT

Product Code: TSK100NP


product attributes

Platform L x W: 1220 x 610
Platform Height: 435
Carrying Capacity: 500Kg
Overall L x W x H: 1360 x 610 x 435
Wheels: 260mm pneumatic tyre
Tyre: Pneumatic
Bearing: Roller